Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crunch time…

I’ve just barely come to terms that within 2 weeks I will have a newborn. Honestly, I have been in denial this entire pregnancy. I am not sure why because we wanted this baby boy. We planned this and are ecstatic to meet him. But somehow between the holidays, working, Carson’s birthday and everyday life as a mom/wife, I have been able to keep busy and keep my mind off of the pregnancy… until about the last week.

Now it’s just painfully obvious I am 38 weeks pregnant:

I breathe really loud- not just as I walk up the stairs, but all the time.

My stomach has pretty much been stretched to capacity. Still no stretch marks though. I’m crossing my fingers it stays this way.

I waddle, or some variation of it. And bending down to get something? Forget it. I call Carson in to get it for me.

I lie in bed, roll from side to side, and wrestle my 18 pillows in attempt to get comfortable. I even sigh really loud at times in hopes to get sympathy from Joel.

I feel like I pee with every contraction, sneeze, cough or laugh.

I am irritable. I am emotional. I cry (way too) easily.

I feel like I would do anything to get my sweet babe here.

Then, I remember these are my last days with (only) Carson.  I cannot believe what a big boy he's become-update coming soon- and how much he has changed in the past 2 months. I am trying to soak him in as much as I can. I love that little boy so much and know that he is going to be a great big brother.

I cannot wait to see their sibling relationship develop. Brothers. Best friends. Enemies at times, I am sure.

I know I am in for quite a ride. But, I am ready. I am grateful. I am overwhelmed.

It’s crunch time!


Melissa said...

Good luck to you! Brothers are awesome. Love having some in my home. Looking forward to pics and details when baby boy makes his debut!

Colleen said...

So exciting! I feel like I neglect poor Elijah nowadays, so enjoy the time you have with Carson!

Jodee Luke said...

eek! i am so excited for you! you are a great mom!

Danny and Lauren's Blog said...

I have very similar feelings about this pregnanacy and my first born! =) So strange. Somehow in a few months I bet it will seem normal, and you wont remember what life with just one was like. Let me know how it feels so I can be ready come May. Best wishes!! Can't wait to see the new babe!!

Laur said...

you can do it! Don't forget to include me in any texts, emails, updates, pictures PLEASE!

scott and lindsey said...

Oh Whit- Its happening so fast! I cant believe you are going to have 2 boys! I might be a bit in denial as well. Its going to be so much fun! Hang in there- those last few weeks are not fun... i love that you are having Carson pick things up for you! haha! The pros of baby #2 ;) Almost there!!

Megan Gubler said...

Can't wait to meet your little guy. I am sure he will be a stud.