Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Dwelling

Here are some pics of our very humble, unfinished home. Have I mentioned I love where we live? I don’t know why it took us 5.5 years to get here… well, I do but I won’t expand on that subject. We are still renting but feel really blessed to have found the perfect place for us right now.

Our home is 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bath with an unfinished basement. It’s an older home and some things have not been refinished- think countertops and cabinets- but I soon got over those when I realized what an awesome location we were in. The bedrooms are really great sizes and we have tons of closet space. We have all hardwood upstairs and tile and carpet on the main. I also get asked a lot if we painted and the answer is NO. The colors aren’t necessarily what we would have chosen, but the lady who lived here before had painted and we had the option to keep it or go with sterile white throughout. Hmm, that was a tough one. One bummer about the place: our dishwasher is ‘yours truly’. Yes, I am the dishwasher. It really isn’t that bad but I will sure be glad when we get one again.

Okay, without further ado ‘cause I know ya’ll are gonna pee your pants in anticipation, here’s our abode:

Please forgive me, as I realized halfway through that my flash should have been on for these, so some are terrible quality. Oh well, you’ll get the ‘gist’ of it.

034010 012

Dining Area minus 1 chair that I am still working on:015017

Half Bath:




Eat in Kitchen:


Our Bedroom:


Office/Den/Extra Room:


Carson’s toys OUT OF MY SIGHT! :027

My sweet laundry room (I know you are all jealous!):030

Joel’s favorite part of the house- STORAGE:031 

Two car garage:



037 038

I didn’t take pictures of Carson’s room or our upstairs bath. The bath is not that exciting and Carson was sleeping when I took these.

And last but not least:

The cutest little boy that you ever did see…003

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It’s quite obvious I have been neglecting the blog. I just really haven’t had much to report.


I love where we live- pictures soon, I promise.

I love my two boys.

Life is good.