Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crunch time…

I’ve just barely come to terms that within 2 weeks I will have a newborn. Honestly, I have been in denial this entire pregnancy. I am not sure why because we wanted this baby boy. We planned this and are ecstatic to meet him. But somehow between the holidays, working, Carson’s birthday and everyday life as a mom/wife, I have been able to keep busy and keep my mind off of the pregnancy… until about the last week.

Now it’s just painfully obvious I am 38 weeks pregnant:

I breathe really loud- not just as I walk up the stairs, but all the time.

My stomach has pretty much been stretched to capacity. Still no stretch marks though. I’m crossing my fingers it stays this way.

I waddle, or some variation of it. And bending down to get something? Forget it. I call Carson in to get it for me.

I lie in bed, roll from side to side, and wrestle my 18 pillows in attempt to get comfortable. I even sigh really loud at times in hopes to get sympathy from Joel.

I feel like I pee with every contraction, sneeze, cough or laugh.

I am irritable. I am emotional. I cry (way too) easily.

I feel like I would do anything to get my sweet babe here.

Then, I remember these are my last days with (only) Carson.  I cannot believe what a big boy he's become-update coming soon- and how much he has changed in the past 2 months. I am trying to soak him in as much as I can. I love that little boy so much and know that he is going to be a great big brother.

I cannot wait to see their sibling relationship develop. Brothers. Best friends. Enemies at times, I am sure.

I know I am in for quite a ride. But, I am ready. I am grateful. I am overwhelmed.

It’s crunch time!