Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You thought I was dead, right?

Nope. Here I am. Still alive, just busy with my 2 kiddos. Honestly, having 2 kids has kicked my butt! Tagg hated- still doesn't love- the car or his carseat, hates strollers, and was a bear to sleep train. BUT, he is the sweetest thing now and is at such a fun age. In fact, he sprouted his 3rd tooth yesterday. 3 teeth, soon to be 4 at 6 months ain't bad, right??

So, I feel like we can finally come out of hiding because Tagg is more predictable. I feel SO incredibly liberated and WAY more competent as a mother now that he has settled a bit.

As for Carson? He is great. Just a sweet 2 year old with a side of sass. Okay, sometimes its a large ramekin of sass, but he is a good boy. He loves to play soccer, catch and ride his bike and scooter. He is the master imitator and loves his little brother to pieces. He still loves his momma too. :) Just the other day he saw a picture of me in my wedding dress and said, "Mommy's so pretty in that pretty dress." I asked Joel if he had ever mentioned anything about that picture or our wedding to him and he hadn't. I wonder where he came up with the whole "pretty" thing? I don't know, but I'll take it!

One of the other main reasons I haven't blogged is because Joel accidentally deleted my Windows Live Writer. I downloaded it again, but it is not the same and I don't know how to get to post on my blog. I am usually not so stupid with computer programs, but I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. Any help?? Blogger is just a drag to use after you have used Live Writer...

Anywho. I hope to be updating here and there again as soon as someone can walk me thru the new Windows thingy.