Monday, June 7, 2010

Cast Away.

As most of you have already heard through the social networking site that tends to kill my blog ‘news’, Carson has a spiral fracture in his tibia. Apparently this injury is so common in kids, it’s actually dubbed a ‘toddler fracture’. 

Joel found this article that basically details exactly how Carson was injured: _kills.html

Moral of the story? Don’t go down a slide with your child. And, if you do and they get hurt, have their whole leg x-rayed. Everyone has asked how the doctors missed it in the first x-ray last week? Well, they only x-rayed his ankle and that came out clean.

As the week went on, I kept telling myself he was getting better. I really thought he was healing. Then, I started remembering all his uncharacteristic behavior- not being busy on his feet all the time, not wanting to bear any weight on it, not sleeping well at night, full ankle mobility yet still limping- my instincts told me there was something else wrong. And, there definitely was. I actually called Joel this morning before the appointment and said, “ I think it’s his leg. He’ll move his ankle and foot just fine but when I touch his shin he shudders and cries.”

Man, I feel like one crappy momma right about now. Why didn’t we notice earlier? My poor little guy has had a broken leg for a week and has been miserable. I know he will heal, and yadda yadda yadda, but my mommy guilt is tremendous. 

The good news is, is that it did not break all the way through and there will not be any long term or alignment/growth issues. He is only supposed to need to wear the cast 2.5 weeks and it IS waterproof, so it can’t be that bad, right? I just hope it makes his little leg feel better so he can go back to being my happy little guy.

Here’s his full leg cast in all its glory:


It goes almost all the way up to his hip.


Those are some sad, tired eyes after a long day in doctors offices.

005 Just getting a little R&R after the cast was put on.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We have had gor-hor-geous weather the past week, something that is very uncharacteristic of Milwaukee this time of year, so we have taken full advantage of it! It fell perfectly for Memorial Day. Thank you Mother Nature.

Joel and I snuck away Friday night and went to the Brewer’s game. Believe it or not, that was only our 2nd time leaving Carson with a babysitter since he’s been born. Kinda ridiculous, I know. It was so fun to just hang with him away from home. Bonus: the Brewer’s won on a home run!

Saturday Joel got up bright and early and went on a bike ride with some friends and I ran with the little man. That afternoon, we  headed down to the Milwaukee Family Kite Festival on the Lakefront. Never heard of it? Yeah, I hadn’t either but it was actually pretty fun. I mean, choreographed kite flying?  What’s not to like about that? Who would have thought there was such a thing as ‘kite dancing’ anyway?

003 047

Sunday we had a BBQ with friends which was tres delish. I must be quite delicious myself, because the darn skeeters lurve me. I kid you not. My legs and arms and back are covered. Yes, they bit me through my clothes.

Memorial Day actually had the worst weather of the whole weekend and it was 80 and cloudy. THAT’s how nice it’s been. Anyway, we went to our little community parade in the morning. We got there, I blinked, and it was over. It was the shortest parade I have ever been to- only about 20 minutes. Carson loved the horses and fire trucks the most. We hit up the park afterwards with some friends and our poor little Carson sprained his ankle going down a slide with Joel. I have never seen him cry so long and not be able to be comforted. So sad. We went to urgent care to get it checked out and luckily it was not broken. Thank goodness.  He was exhausted and fell asleep in the car immediately.


Here we are two days later, he still will not put any pressure down on it and whines if it bears any weight at all. Walking is this kids life so it’s been pretty tough on all of us: Carson because he wants to play, Joel because he feels guilty, and me because I get to carry him everywhere. He won’t crawl, yet he doesn’t want to stay put either. Needless to say we have had lots of stroller time.   

Yesterday Carson and I hit up the beach ‘cause I knew he would love digging in the sand and I could catch some rays. It was a total win-win. I love that he will keep his sunglasses on. Little kids in sunglasses crack me up. He has such narrow head that all the glasses I wanted to get him were too big, so we got the uber-cool shark tooth lenses.

Isn’t he a total stud?


For memory sake, I wanted to post these shots of Carson:


009 008 003

Here’s to a fabulous Summer!