Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ode to Big Red

Wow! Remember when soles this big were in style? ~circa 2001~
These were like the VERY FIRST rendition of the bowling shoe.
I don't know why these have managed to travel with me for 7 years 'cause I have not worn them FOR-eV-errr (shout out to The Sandlot)! They have been hidden in a suitcase of old crap that I just couldn't part with(don't ask why) but the time has come to part ways.
Ode to big red. RIP.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I Love to See the Temple

Joel and I went to the temple on Saturday. Our closest temple is Chicago, IL and it's about 90 miles away. With the 1.5 hour drive there, the 2.5 hours in the temple, and 1.5 hour drive back home, I am not always "excited" to go. I have to say though, as we leave I am ALWAYS filled with gratitude that we were able to devote an entire day to the temple and take the time to reflect upon the things that matter most!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Guilty, your honor

If you have ever driven with me you probably know that I am not the best driver. I am the girl you see driving with her knee, on her cell, and doing her make-up! I have been pulled over several times and fortunately have been able to get out of 3 tickets (all in Utah). I was not so lucky this time.
I got a speeding ticket back in January~yes I was speeding, but I didn't think it warranted me a ticket. Didn't he know I was in a hurry!?
I pulled over and waited for the officer to approach my window.
He started with the infamous line "Do you know why you were pulled over?"
I said, "I was speeding?" (in question form as if I didn't REALLY know why)
"Yes ma'am, can I have your drivers license?"
I began to plead my case. I didn't have anything substantial to justify why I was speeding, but I thought I would try anyway.
He listened and said," Ma'am, I would love to let you go today, but our deputy set up a sting on Good Hope Road today due to complaints of speeding and he knows every car that is supposed to receive a ticket."
He went back to the squad car to write my ticket.
When he came back he again apologized for issuing me the ticket, but suggested I go to the court date listed to lessen the points against my driving record. In all my tickets I have never gone to court. I simply paid the fine and took the points on my record. Joel thought I was rather irresponsible for not ever going to court, so I thought I would surprise him and go. I marked it on my calendar and planned to be there.
Three weeks pass and that brings me to yesterday. I arrived to court at 5pm like the ticket stated and the court room was already full. Immediately I got a pit in my stomach thinking of myself on the stand in front of a judge. I know people, it was only a speeding ticket but I was so nervous!! I found a seat and an officer came over and handed me a number and told me I would be number 50. That meant I had to sit through 49 proceedings before I had to plea "guilty", but, on the other hand it meant I had a lot of time to prepare what I was going to say to the judge. Two hours later I was called. The officer escorted me into another room- there was no stand, no judge, and no jury. I was so relieved!
This nice old man motioned me over to have a seat by him.
I sat down and he said, "So, you have a speeding ticket ma'am. Wow, your driving record is clean, no tickets or offenses before? Oh, I see one. You must be a good driver though."
I had him fooled!! All my tickets and accidents were in Utah, so he had no idea of my
'dark past' ! I explained the ticket I received in Wisconsin was from doing a U-turn in a controlled intersection, but I was from Utah and they are allowed there. He said they were allowed in several states, just not in Wisconsin. I didn't say anything else and he proceeded to lower my points from 4 to 0, but still had to pay the fine. He was the nicest City Attorney I have ever met(the only one too)! I left so elated that I didn't have to go before the judge and plea "guilty, your honor".

We did it...

After many requests, we finally did it! We are swallowing our pride and joining the ranks as a "blogger". Yes, it was hard to do, but here we are! Enjoy our stories...