Saturday, November 6, 2010

FALL Behind.

It is quite obvious that I have been less than consistent with the ‘blaaahhhg’ the past 5 months. However,  I have resolved to do better for family’s sake, since let’s be honest, that’s all who reads this blog anyway! :)

We’ve had a gorgeous Fall here and have been busy enjoying our time as a family of 3.5!

For now, I’ll be updating with a picture post. Pop open that Diet Coke and kettle corn (one of my fav. snacks), ‘cause there are tons of pics.

Carson LOVES church. He loves his ties and his ‘church’ shoes. He insisted on wearing them around the house one morning before he got dressed:


We spent some time at Bear Lake where they arguably have the best sunsets:



Went to Jackson Hole:


And the Grand Teton’s:

P1090724   P1090746

Camped in Yellowstone:

P1090882 P1100149 P1100232  P1100240

Went to the WI Badger vs. ASU game and hit up the farmers market before for some delicious treats:

P1100280P1100312  P1100305

Went to Nauvoo with my Mimi, Brit and Nenna (as Carson calls her):

 P1100384 P1100400 P1100405 P1100415P1100410P1100503  P1100483

Drove to Superior, WI for Grandpa O’Neill’s funeral:

P1100529 P1100519 P1100520

Took Carson to a local business Trick or Treat to ‘warm up’ for Halloween. He did not like his dragon costume at first, but he quickly realized that wearing it granted him candy. He didn’t want to take it off after that:

P1100511 P1100507

Went to a Halloween Party- Joel was Mr. Clean and I was the maid:


Enjoyed a night of ‘trick treat”-ing as Carson calls it.

P1100561 P1100559

There you have it! I’m all caught up!


Josh, Heather, Berkleigh and Hudson said...

So cute, love all the pics!! Ask Carson if he could give Hud a lesson about enjoying church so much. I can't get Hud in a long sleeved shirt or sit still long than 3 seconds. You look great too...tiny as usual.

Megan Gubler said...

Looks like a fun summer/fall. Keep it up I look at your blog and I am not family.

Colleen said...

You guys have had a fun summer! I just went through my Bear Lake photos too. I got some really cute ones of Carson. I'll get them up on Flickr eventually. :)

Patten Family said...

I'm glad you consider the fine Pattens family-as we too read this blog.

Thanks for coming out of the blog coma...wait...who is this again?


Angelica said...

So cute! You look fantastic, as usual :-) Missing you. Happy Birthday!!

Thekla & Grayson said...

So great to see you! Your son is such a little handsome guy! Love the Halloween costume. We just missed seeing you in Idaho...guess we were trying to avoid you..Ha!!